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From the desk of Ray Smith - Founder of Cornerstone Books

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I would like to tell you about an important new development at Cornerstone Books. Just over a year ago we launched the Cornerstone Book Club in order to help raise funds for some important work in the New Thought field which you will be able to learn about further on down this page. You will also later have opportunity to download a very rare book which is considered by some to be the finest New Thought book ever written, completely free of charge.

Cornerstone Books is the world's number one publisher and distributor of New Thought personal development books over the internet. For the past 6 years we have supplied many 1000's of people the world over with life-changing New Thought books. With the aid of our sister organization, The Mental Science Foundation, we are now preparing to publish many of our wonderful New Thought books in the various languages of third-world countries around the world. By becoming a member of Cornerstone Book Club you will be helping to support us in this important work.

You can learn all about the various activities of the Mental Science Foundation by visiting their website, For now though,
I would like to tell you all about our rapidly growing ebook club, and the many benefits of becoming a member.

What you get as a member:

As a member of Cornerstone Book Club you will gain immediate access to many of the greatest and most powerful self-improvement books ever written. I have searched far and wide to bring you what I consider to be the most outstanding library of New Thought Self-Improvement books ever offered anywhere. The books are in handy Adobe (.pdf) ebook format to enable you to read them on your computer, or you can print them out..

  • Six ebooks to download immediately, plus a new book every 10 days!

    - Here are just a few of the wonderful books you will be able to read as a Cornerstone Book Club member:

  • "In Tune With The Infinite" by Ralph Waldo Trine

  • "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier

  • "The Pathway of Roses" by Christian D. Larson

  • "Everyman's Goal: The Expanded Consciousness" by Rebecca Beard

  • "How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Realities" by Brown Landone

  • "The Power of Positive Thinking" - Norman Vincent Peale

  • "Think and Grow Rich" - Napoleon Hill

  • "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" - Joseph Murphy.

  • "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

  • "The Master-Key System and Mental Chemistry" by Charles Haanel
  • "Power Through Constructive Thinking" by Emmet Fox
  • "Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion" by Emile Coué

  • The Hidden Power & Other Papers on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
  • "The Science of Being Well" by Wallace D. Wattles

  • "Your Heritage" by Walter C. Lanyon
  • "Both Riches and Honor by Annie Rix Militz . . . plus many more
Apart from the well-known classics, some of which are listed above, you will also receive many rare, lost treasures by little known authors such as: Benjamin Johnson, Harvey Hardman, John McDonald, Uriel Buchanan, Isidora Minard, Brian MacLelland, and many more. You also will receive rare books by better known writers such as Emma Curtis Hopkins, Annie Rix Militz, Henry Thomas Hamblin, Wallace Wattles, Genevieve Behrend, Orison Swett Marden, Christian D. Larson, Lillian Dewaters, Elizabeth Towne, etc..

- Many of the books you will receive as a member are so rare that you probably would not be able to find them if you spent the rest of your life looking! But these old, forgotten books contain some of the most priceless, distilled wisdom of the ages. They are literally worth their weight in gold.

By becoming a member of Cornerstone Book Club you will gain immediate access to six very powerful, life-changing books, and you will then receive a new book every ten days for as long as you remain a member.

If you were to buy these books from a book store they would run into many hundreds of dollars, and as I've already said, some of the books you will receive are so hard to find that you would not be able to order them at any price!

We offer two different levels of membership, Standard and Gold. As a Standard member you will receive 6 ebooks that you can download immediately, plus a new ebook every 10 days.

As a Gold Member you will also receive 6 ebooks that you can download immediately, plus a new ebook every 10 days, and in addition to this you will receive the following:
  • By becoming a Gold member you receive much more than just ebooks  As well as the self-improvement ebooks, if you decide to become a Gold member you will also receive a top quality, feature packed website and email hosting package on safe, reliable servers. You can use this for your personal home pages or it is suitable for small to medium sized businesses. You can use your own existing domain name with this service or we will supply you with a free sub-domain. You can create an unlimited amount of email boxes, aliases, autoresponders, etc., etc., and can view your in-box and compose and send emails from a handy web-based interface (with no ads!). This web hosting package alone is easily worth the price of the monthly membership fee!

  • Here are some of the features of the web hosting package:

    50MB Web space (upgradable) · upto 5000mb Monthly Bandwidth · cPanel Web Based Control Panel · Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions · Personal  CGI-BIN · Ready-Made CGI Scripts inc. Guestbook, Hit Counter, Form-mail, Shopping Carts, Chat Room, Bulletin Board, Redirect, etc. · PHP4 Scripting ·  mySQL Databases · Server Side Includes · Server Side PGP Encryption · Secure Server (SSL) · Password Protected Directories · Customised Error Pages · 24/7  Anonymous FTP Access · Unlimited Email Addresses · Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes · Web-based Email · Unlimited Autoresponders · Email Virus Protection · SPAM Filtering · Fantastico · Graphical Web Site Statistics · Search Engine Submission · Online Knowledge Base · Free technical support via email .
The cPanel webmaster's control panel features a fantastic assortment of ecommerce software packages and utilities too numerous to mention. If you shop around for website hosting, you will find that a good quality package averages around $10 per month or more. There are cheaper web hosts and even some free ones, but none of these offer anything like the features that are offered with ours, and many are of the here today and gone tomorrow unreliable variety. Cornerstone Books has been on the net for over 6 years now, and those that visit us often will know that our web servers are extremely reliable with a 99.9% uptime.
  • And Much More ...

3 Bonuses Included:

  • Bonus #1: Gold members also get unlimited access to our Internet Business Builder's Download Center.

  • In the business builder's download center you will have immediate access to some of the most powerful website building and marketing products available. You will find dozens and dozens of informational ebooks and software products that would run into literally thousands of dollars if you were to buy them all separately. There are too many to list here, but if you click this link a new window will open and you will be taken to another website where you will be able to learn about just one of the many products you will have access to called "The Free-to-Sell Package".

    You will be taught step by step how to build your own highly profitable online business selling information products (or any other products you wish to sell come to that). Many of the products come with their own ready-made websites which you just need to customize with your own business name, etc. Everything that you could possibly need for running a successful online business is included.

    As a Gold member, you will become privy to some of the best kept secrets on the internet. You will learn how you can literally turn your computer into a 24 hour, 7 days a week cash machine, and the best part of all is that you will not need to purchase any products to sell at all as they are all included with your Gold membership! 

  • Bonus #2: Gold members also get MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to all the products in the Business Builder's Download Center.

All the ebooks and software products and packages featured in the Business Builder's Download Center come with Master Resell Rights, meaning that you can sell them and keep 100% of the profit! You will not believe just how easy it is to setup your own profitable web-based business, and you will not have to pay an additional penny to do it - everything you could possibly need is included in the Gold membership package:

* A Quality Website Hosting Package for your use.

* Text and video tutorials explaining everything you need to know about setting up an online business.

* Ready-Made plug-and-play websites that just require your customization.

* Free desktop publishing and webpage creation and editing software.

* Free shopping cart software, payment processor software, mailing-list auto-responder and database management software.

If you have ever thought or dreamt of running your own online business, by becoming a Gold member of Cornerstone Book Club you will receive everything you will need to guarantee your success.
  • Bonus #3: As a Gold member you will also automatically be enrolled into our multi-level, forced matrix affiliate program with the opportunity to earn a substantial residual monthly income by recruting new members. You can read more about this unique affiliate program here.
Without any exaggeration, Gold membership could save you hundreds and earn you thousands of dollars a year, and if you read and absorb the material that we make available to you your success is absolutely guaranteed. Not only will you receive from the masters all the wisdom you need to make your life a grande success, but we will also supply you with all the tools you need to accomplish it!

How much does it cost?

You can become a member of Cornerstone Book Club for as little as $5 per month!

To join as a Standard member you'll pay a $19.95 enrollment fee which includes the first months' membership, and then just $5.95 per month after that. You can save $11.40 per year by paying $60 annually instead of paying monthly.

To join as a Gold member you'll pay a $29.97 enrollment fee which includes the first months' membership, plus $9.97 per month thereafter. You can save $19.64 per year by paying $100 annually instead of paying monthly.

Why such a low price?  It has been my desire for some time now to create a really valuable membership website at a very low cost. It is my wish that membership to Cornerstone Book Club should be affordable to just about everyone, and I think that at $5 per month it is.

Please do not be fooled into thinking that at this low price there must be a catch, because there isn't. If you shop around on the internet you will find that the average price of a quality personal development ebook ranges from around $8-$20. Once you join the book club you will have immediate access to six such titles, plus a new one every 10 days for as long as you remain a member. If you were to buy the initial six books from Amazon they would cost you around $80.

All in all, you will find that membership to Cornerstone Book club offers you what no other website in the world can offer, and at a price that just about everybody should be able to afford; and as time goes on we will be adding more features and making special member- only offers to ensure that those who join will never want to leave!

Support a good cause by joining

All monies received from Cornerstone Book Club memberships are now being donated to The Mental Science Foundation in order to help with the work of spreading the New Thought message to third-world countries. You can learn all about the mission of the Mental Science Foundation by visiting You will also be able to read an excellent online book there explaining New Thought principles in great clarity.

My Personal Guarantee: I am completely confident that you will be delighted with your membership of Cornerstone Book Club, so confident in fact that I am prepared to offer you a 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee! Try out our service for a month; read some of the books; try out some of the software packages if you join as a Gold member; test out our website and email hosting service; and if, after a month, you do not agree that what we offer is of outstanding value then by all means ask for a refund and I will make sure you get back every penny you have paid. What have you got to lose?

To Your Success,


If you decide to join as a Gold member, you will also have access to a special members' area where you can download the ebooks and other products in the Internet Business Builder's Center, setup your web hosting account, etc.

Secure Subscription Payments


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Here are links to biography sites of many of the featured authors:

James Allen Ralph WaldoTrine Florence Scovel Shinn
Raymond Charles Barker Prentice Mulford Wallace D.Wattles
Henry Drummond H. Emilie Cady Charles Fillmore
Charles F. Haanel Louise L. Hay Mary Baker Eddy
Emmet Fox Ursula Gestefeld Emma Curtis Hopkins
Shakti Gawain George Bendall Henry T. Hamblin
Frederick Bailes Warren Felt Evans Catherine Ponder
Thomas Troward Ralph Waldo Emerson Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Christian D. Larson Henry Wood Phineas P. Quimby
William W. Atkinson Malinda Cramer Annie Rix Militz
Orison Swett Marden Charles Brodie Patterson Albert C. Grier
Nona L. Brooks John Wolcott Adams Frank B. Robinson
James Dillet Freeman Norman Vincent Peale Horatio W. Dresser
Eric Butterworth Marcus Bach Ernest Holmes
Julius/Annetta Dresser Elizabeth Towne Brother Mandus
Rebecca Beard Masaharu Taniguchi Joseph Murphy
Glenn Clark Joel S. Goldsmith Jack Addington
F. L. Rawson Napoleon Hill Ervin Seale
Alfred North Whitehead Walter C. Lanyon Uell S. Andersen
John Randolph Price Alan Cohen Agnes Sanford
Vernon Howard Neville Goddard Gary Zukav
C. Alan Anderson Robert Collier William Samuel
Marianne Williamson Deepak Chopra Wayne W. Dyer
Roy Eugene Davis .Stuart Grayson Edwene Gaines

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